Managing Telstra Online Security

Log in to the Telstra Online Security Dashboard with your BigPond email address and password to manage your account and change settings.

Manage Telstra Online Security protection on your computer

Open your Telstra Online Security console and select the Computer Protection icon to see available options, or go to Settings to see if your anti-malware profile is switched to Off or Always on. Select Firewall Settings from the left-hand menu to disable or enable firewall features and select OK to close the Settings screen.

Shut down Telstra Online Security by selecting the icon in your computer taskbar. If you choose the menu option to exit, you’ll need to confirm your request with your Telstra email and password. When you exit the program, your computer may be unprotected from known threats. We recommend you enable Telstra Online Security or upgrade to Telstra Broadband Protect to help protect your computer and your internet experience.

Manage Telstra Online Security Parental Controls

You can change your protection level from the Telstra Online Security console on your computer or from the Telstra Online Security dashboard.

  • Log in with your username and password, select the Parental Controls module then select Launch.
  • Select the Parental Controls tab at the top of the screen, then Manage Your Policies then select Edit. Enter your Telstra Online Security username and password, then create a protection profile.
  • Confirm your notification details, which by default will be sent to the Telstra email address used to set up Telstra Online Security. Select Change Email if you want to update these details.
  • Set up a Quick Access password, to allow temporary access to a blocked site to see if it’s inappropriate. If you think it’s appropriate, you can add it to your list of allowed sites (whitelist).
  • Select Block Only on computers used solely by your children, so that all your controls will be enforced.
  • Change time-based restrictions for Starting Out, Family Friendly and Parental Guidance profiles by selecting Change My Access Time to allocate restricted times for each day of the week. Blue indicates allowed access hours, red indicates blocked access hours.
  • Delete your Telstra Parental Controls Policy in Manage my Policies.